Conflict: A Spoken Word by SimplySunni

Conflict. In all that is constant -the barrage of information, the meaning, the motive, the justification, and the over sanctification of indignant controversy and brash honesty.

No, slash that.

It’s dishonesty, distaste, and disingenuous bullshit. Will we ever get to the honesty that lies within the veracity; the actual justification that is based in truth and love?

Who knows because we are each given free will. Free will is based on freedom of concept, freedom of expression, and often, freedom of the sheer idiocy of the mortal mind.

Cut ties

The educated, the uneducated, the genius, and lacking thereof.

Those who say they know and those who admit they learn, and I mean learn every day in every way, striving, struggling, continuing to love, laugh, learn, and listen.

And yet, I am consumed… conflicted and continually looking for the answers, the analytics, and the analysis of the situation that will never be clear, that will never be correct, that will never be accepted by me, myself, and my mixed-up mind.

Woe is he that gets trapped in this endless circular swirl of shifting sands in sordid torment. But oh, aren’t we blessed with an avenue, a path swirling as it may be… which lends an ear to listen that doesn’t really listen, and a mind to learn that doesn’t really learn – when we search and search for the truth anywhere but where the truth lies.


The bombardment of information…

…the influx of interest that wax waning in the format of news, opinion, and article. We can search and search and search and never truly find that which is at the heart of the hideous happenstance that hinders us from our real and genuine self.

And then this quest for quandary and quantitative questioning… don’t we all just think it’s time to give some

simple answers…

…and get to the point.

There is only one truth, there is only one way, and there is only one life.


Conflict – By SimplySunni