Corona Virus and Homeschooling- So Now You Know

Recognition for Homeschoolers!

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart; and now all America knows it! As quarantined families scramble to learn a new at-home-norm, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes when anyone at long last comprehends what you have known for years. The homeschooling population of the world can now stand tall and receive the respect they deserve.

My Homeschooling Experience

Throughout my homeschooling experience, I felt I was looked down upon. People had all sorts of opinions about what I was doing, none of which were true. I was not paranoid, or lazy. I never judged those sending kids to school, nor did I think higher of myself. I was a hard-working mother with a sick child and 2 others with slight learning disabilities. My husband traveled for a living, so lazy was not even close to correct. Doing all I could to make sure my kids had all they needed to be successful in life was my entire goal.

What Temporary Homeschoolers Don’t Have to Do

Today’s quarantined parents have it much easier than full-time student/parent teams. The adjustment is real, the work is enormous, and the nerves will be frayed. Yet, these parents do not take time each summer to research what their student will need to master by year’s end. They don’t sit and write meticulously planned lesson plans to be sure every subject is covered including subjects like P.E., Art and Music. Curriculum development and a well-rounded education is tedious work and of the utmost importance to homeschool parents. Full-timers also must keep detailed records and sample work while making sure to test the students to standard.

I am no longer a home school mom, although I feel it’s in my blood. My kids have all gone on to adult life. In fact, my oldest, the one who was ill, recently received her Master’s Degree and is beginning her Doctorate in the fall. I am extremely proud of all my 4 kids.

Today I celebrate the families that have home schooled for years without recognition. Hats off to you all! You work hard to offer what your family needs and that is the best a parent can offer and any child could hope for.

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her,” Proverbs 31:28

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