Creating a Re-Do

Re-Doing the Earth during a Global Pandemic

I believe we are experiencing God creating a re-do. He seems to be re-doing the earth during a global pandemic. The Bible uses the prefix “re” in words used to represent “again” or “back”. Starting with the word Re-do, (to do again, redecorate or remodel, reconstruct) we can see clear implications of the prefix used in the meaning behind scripture in the word of God. But what does that have to do with a global pandemic? I believe it has everything to do with the silver lining on this dark cloud. Clichés such as “every cloud has a silver lining” and scripture stating “he works all things for good” are precisely the hope we can cling to in a crisis such as Covid-19.

God’s Planet

Deuteronomy 10:14 states “To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.” This is clearly the place he has prepared for us to dwell for now. The atmosphere contains us, the planet sustains us. Yet, we are ruining the planet and one another at an alarming rate. In Matthew 6:10 the Lord says, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” That is where we are, in this time of Re-Do, as I have called it for this article. We need His will to be done here on earth to keep the planet and its people functioning as created. Is it possible the planet is getting a make-over? Examine the Re-Do “re” words with me.

The first “re” is Restore, meaning to bring back to a former state, re-construct. I say, “Lord, restore this earth to what you intended it to be.” Psalm 80:19 states, “Restore us, LORD God Almighty; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.” Christians know it won’t be back to the Utopian planet created in the Garden of Eden until he returns us to the earth for a second time. Baby steps are steps none-the-less! Grace restores nature; the vegetation is being revived, animals are thriving and the air quality is improving. That is a win-win.

To Recover is to get back or regain. The word says, “O spare me, that I may recover strength, before I go hence, and be no more,” in Psalm 39:13kjv. Earth is recovering its strength once again! It is so exciting to hear of the changes being documented by scientists every day. Quarantine is not fun and there’s tremendous loss, but strength is being stored up and recovery is beginning. Lord, help your people to recover in your time and perfect will.

Return: revert to a former owner; to come back. A definition couldn’t be more applicable than this one! In seven days, God created this planet earth and all that lives. He is the original and rightful owner. Taking time to see through the devastation, the positive consequences coming out of this pandemic are impressive. Return the ownership and the hearts of your creation to your loving hand, Lord.

To Renew is to restore, replenish and take up again. We see the evidence of replenishment everywhere. During this crisis, the Lord is working to restore His place among His people, replenish the earth and take up again His place walking with all living creatures. I feel renewed merely thinking about God walking with me as I ask him to be by my side. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” -Psalm 51:10

A new birth or to make over is to Regenerate. The definition goes on to say to complete a moral reform in. WOW! Globally, a moral reform would be a return to consciousness and world health; not only referring to spiritual health and Christianity, but down-to-earth morals. (pun intended) I imagine most people will feel a bit rested and regenerated after this needed break and so will our precious living space!

God’s People

To Reconcile means to “restore, bring into agreement, to compose or settle and issue, restore a relationship.” Now, that’s obvious! The entire globe has been summoned into agreement and settled an issue on how to contain this Covid-19 virus. The safer-at-home practices of countries has slowed the spread and scientists are working to find a vaccine. Plant earth working together? I’d say that is a win for God’s glory.

In Acts 7:26 the word says “And on the following day he appeared to them as they were quarreling and tried to reconcile them, saying, ‘Men, you are brothers. Why do you wrong each other?” Why do we wrong each other? What is wrong with humans and their interaction with one another? Well we have a hard reset on communication right now. People are, for the most part, alone; possibly casual interaction will be better appreciated after the quarantine is over.

Redeem is another “re-do” word meaning to buy back or recover. Psalm 130:8 tells us “He himself will redeem Israel from all their sins.” Jesus did just that on the cross. The people of this world are turning to faith in this uncertain time. The Lord already bought back his people, now we need him to help us recover what has been forgotten; virtue, love, patience, kindness, etc…

Finally, Resurrect means to bring to life again. John 5:28-29 says it like this, “Do not be amazed at this, for a time is coming when all who are in their graves will hear his voice and come out-those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned.”

I pray the Lord of lords and the King of kings resurrect His people from the faithless graves they have been sleeping in. A GLOBAL PANDEMIC has got to do some good, and we will surely see God’s glory at the closing of this tumultuous day.

Covid-19/Corona Virus Pandemic

*In no way was the intention to mitigate the pain and suffering of those who have been horribly affected by this pandemic. The loss of life, jobs, income and dreams is unprecedented. Continuing to pray for those affected, I am also choosing to celebrate what the Lord can and will do in the midst. -Sunni