Why Me?

Why me, indeed. Who am I? What am I all about and why should you trust me to write for your business? Well my dear reader, I am going to explain to you my passion and mission. I am a creative thinker, constantly dreaming, making, and devising plans to adjust the situations surrounding me. Joy, playfulness, excitement, meaning and truth are the values I hold to in my life as well as my writing en devours. As a performer, as well, being reserved is not my forte on stage or in my writing.

All that to say, I love to speak my mind, and have been asked, albeit even implored to blog my experiences. Professionally bringing creativity to the page whether writing blogs, ads, or other copy writing, is what I do.

The joy of a concept emerging into reality in one’s vision is a passion I take earnestly. The moment a concept becomes an idea and then an actuality is one I relish with all sincerity. Seeing your business grow and flourish is my pleasure! Present your thoughts, needs, and ultimate goal and let me run with it! I assure you will not be disappointed.

After all, this is who I am and that is “Why Me”.

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