Finding My Purpose in Life Again

My Journey to Find Purpose Starts with Acknowledging the Past – by SimplySunni

“So, what are you doing with yourself these days?” I get asked this question all the time and it makes me want to hide under a table. You see, I have never been lazy or uninvolved; I have always had ambitions for the days ahead. My purpose for years was to take care of my family in every way possible and that chapter is basically finished. All four kids are adults and I have the chance to be me again. But who am I? Join me on this journey to discovery and possibly you will learn a thing or two as well!

Life Until Now

The Baby Years

Since my first baby made her way into our lives, I have been a stay-at-home mother; having a total of 4, each 2 years apart. My husband traveled for a living Monday through Friday, so I was essentially a single mom all week. While he was paying his dues and climbing the ladder, we didn’t have much. It was important I contribute by making some money on the side. So, I did what I could…

  • Together, we cleaned offices in the evening with babies on our backs.
  • I sold kitchen products in home shows.
  • I sold scrapbook products and held classes in my home.
  • I made scrapbooks for other families.
  • I performed clothing alterations and designed and sewed clothes for others.
  • Singing at weddings and funerals was one of my favorite jobs.
  • And, of course, babysitting for working mothers. I was fortunate to raise 3 babies, not my own, to age 2 or so. I even ran a daycare in my home for several years.

With that varied list, I may have missed a few side gigs. Suffice it to say, the children were my life.

With Older Kids

As They Grow

As my kids aged, our resources grew, and I had more free time. When the last babysitting job was complete, volunteering in my community became my passion. This list is a bit of what I was blessed to do…

  • Design the interior for an up-and-coming business.
  • Submitted design ideas for the current Chamber of Commerce upgrade.
  • Redecorated several rooms and homes for people in the community.
  • Joined the PTSA board as Reflections Chair and elevated that event for young artists in our community.
  • Joined the Child Abuse Council – Rainbow Ball board.
  • Designed fliers, social media and marketing content for a new medical school.
  • Catered events for the local mayor and for the high school.

That is all I can think of right now. You see, I was never idle.

Empty Nesting Today

The empty nest hit me and hit me hard. One can only clean the house so many times before the finish starts to rub off the furniture! This is where I am today. I am creative, organized, love to design and enjoy writing. Creating content and copy for companies has become my job, and I love it. But what is my purpose?

Come along with me down this road of self-discovery in the newest phase of my life. Please feel free to comment if you have any ideas for me! I appreciate feedback more than you know.

Until then… Keep Learning!

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