Getting Back to the Basics – 2

Every Woman’s Guide to Makeup Application – Part 2

What is the average woman to do when she doesn’t have an hour to craft her look for the day? I posed that question in the first blog “Getting Back to the Basics”. You Tube and the like has exploded with video tutorials that seem so easy to copy. In reality, to some, it may seem like mimicking a Bob Ross episode; looks nice, looks easy, looks fun. The end result for an amateur is mediocre without practice. I believe the average woman is able to follow simple steps and get a breathtaking result. Once you master the three basic steps, cleanse, setup and makeup, the rest will come more easily.

While the majority of 16-24 year old girls are discovering new products and finding new brands, the whole makeup super store was a bit intimidating to me. I admit it, I had a brand at a counter, I could shop with no questions whenever I needed anything in the beauty line. Gone are the days of either grocery store makeup or the lux of department store cosmetics. Now we have super stores with overwhelming aisles full of trendy brand after trendy brand. The only way to sample a product is to risk the germ infested testers and hope colors have not been mixed or worse. Don’t get me wrong, I love those stores… but yikes, they are scary to me for multiple reasons.

In my fear, I reached out to a makeup subscription delivery service. That was a good and a bad idea. In my boxes came brands I had never heard of, much less tried. Excited to receive my box every month, I loved the products inside. The problem was in choosing on line and with any real precise measure what I wanted to sample. The positive result of the subscription taught me to try products and trust more than the one brand I had used all my life.

This led me to where I am now. I am such a “big girl”, going into a makeup superstore; I feel more confident. Learning the looks, I now know where I “fit in”. There are 4 basic concepts in cosmetic application I would like to discuss; The Instant Fix, The All Natural Earthy, The Porcelain Doll, and a Creativity in Expression looks.

The Instant Fix

OUCH! Knowing this is a touchy subject; I tread lightly. I wish there was a magic fix, and maybe there will be one day. Besides the knife, there are only temporary options. My suggestion for this sensitive subject is to concentrate on what you can do.YOU CAN… drink more water… 8 glasses a day at the very least, you can keep active. You can cleanse and care for your skin. Mask application is a must in the anti-aging process. Removing dead cells and renewing your skin encourages your collagen to reproduce and revitalize.

The Porcelain Doll look

The Porcelain Doll look is popular with girls who have the time to really work for the look. It is a flawless, almost ethereal, doe eyed and well contoured style. Okay, to be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with this look. In my younger days, the flawless look was… how should I say it… more easily attained! Okay, that’s funny! I should remove myself from this category. However, you knew that was coming. On a date night with my main squeeze, I want to look flawless. Using foundation and a bit “more” is just fine with me.

All-natural Earthy look

Hippy, Organic, All Natural… whatever you call it, the look is simple, yet flirty. Somehow the simplistic translates to some men as attractive. My husband loves it when I wear only mascara. The truth is, he doesn’t realize I have applied serums, moisturizers, concealers, contour and powder. I love the look that claims to be all-natural. It is simple and alluring.

Creativity in Expression look

Perhaps this is where I shine! In the 80s I wore rainbow eye shadow… take a moment to digest that… I will wait. Creativity, after all, is my jam, however, creativity has gone to a new level. With the internet and tutorials, anyone can practice and create a unique look in their peer group. This look includes bravery in color and concept. Exchanging a basic hue for a bold expression is where the creatives express themselves.

All of this to say, I am an advocate of beauty and expression. It does not have to be an hour long, complicated event. Color is matched to fashion and palette. Stay tuned to the next blog to learn application and decision.

Until then, explore color and brand… in your home… on your own… where no one will see!

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