Getting Back to the Basics

Every Woman’s Guide to Makeup Application

Simply Sunni

For years now, the cosmetic industry has been booming. According to US market reports, the industry was worth $93.5 billion in 2019. Research says that 4 out of 5 American women follow beauty industry trends made convenient and easy to follow by social media platforms and tutorials. But what is the average woman to do when she doesn’t have an hour to craft her look for the day? She can follow these simple steps and get back to the basics. The three basic steps are cleansing, setup and makeup.


A clean palette is a must for any canvas to be all it can be. It’s the same with your face. Cleaning your face with a proper wash for your skin type will assure the right balance to start. A toner used next restores the pH balance to the surface of the skin, removes and excess makeup and sets it up to receive the moisturizer. The moisturizer is the final cleansing step and it’s crucial, even for oily skin. If you strip your skin of the essential oils and don’t replace it, the dermis goes into a hyper drive to replenish the moisture barrier. No one wants that!

Set Up

Step 2 is setting up your face to receive the cosmetics. Day-after-day cleaning will aid in this step, but a weekly mask is a must. A mask removes the dead skin cells and dirt and makeup down deep in the pores to ensure a soft and even textured surface. Then comes primer. The first time you use a primer, you will wonder why it took you so long. Primer helps the makeup to stay in place while filling in those fine lines and deep pores.

Makeup Application

Base, foundation, face makeup is all the same thing. When applying, be sure to go in a downward motion so you don’t get makeup trapped under the fine hairs on the face. Use concealer on dark spots and under the eyes. Set with a translucent powder. Now your face is ready for all that beautiful color! Don’t forget to contour the cheek bones and you are ready for the eyes.

I hope this has been helpful in breaking down the skin care process. Join me in the next blog post to learn about simple shadow application and color do’s and don’ts.

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