He Did it Again!

As I sit and reflect, the breeze blows through my hair.

It is June, in Florida! There shouldn’t be weather this temperate.

The humidity is low and I am in a zone! Comfort and contentment.

Lately it hasn’t been so. The virus has stolen all I thought to be my future. My hopes, dreams and goals… all dissipated with one virus strain.

The bills pile up and I watch our savings dwindle to nothing.

So I work all day, everyday to put in effort… what I can, anyhow. The He does it again!!

The dishwasher breaks down and another bill comes in. But God, in all His wisdom, is faithful.

Just as I am praying for provision, a refund we didn’t expect comes in, in the exact amount of the dishwasher replacement!

Now, I don’t pretend we NEED a dishwasher. I just know I need the Lord. He alone is faithful.