I Thought Empty-Nesting Would Be Boring… Until I Took a Closer Look.

Exploring all Tampa Has to Offer I See the Error of My Thoughts!

As I have been writing this Empty-Nesting blog series, I was afraid this time would be boring. I guess I was bored. Being a researcher, I decided to look specifically at the city I live in, Tampa, FL. Going out on a Friday night near Howard Ave. and the like seems to attract a much younger, albeit fun crowd. As much as I try to look as young as I can, 50 cannot pass for 20 something! (Myth debunked! Ha-ha)

Not ready for the Denny’s Early Bird Special days, I began researching the area for fun and active things to do. Oh boy, what did I get myself into! With so many things to explore, there is no way I could list them all. So, I decided to investigate the resources for my readers to expand their empty-nest horizons. Here is what I found…

A variety of sites feature activities for every age but the one that spoke to me first was the website ACTIVE: Local Events & Things to Do in Tampa, FL. They publish an organized calendar of events for all walks of life and activity levels, not only for empty-nesting. The site is easy to navigate with the distance posted clearly and Register Now buttons highlighted. I enjoy a list I can scroll through quickly and take what I want from it.

Visit Tampa Bay has all the links to theme park tickets and more! From local events to year-round fun, they have the bored and empty-nesting covered with a long list of categorized activities and an exhaustive calendar too.

Realty websites seem to have some good ideas as well; makes sense. Dick & Karla Nielsen have 5 Ideas for Empty-Nester to expand their horizons and think outside the box. It is a short read, but gets the juices flowing!

The Active Times has an article called 30 Things to Do Now That You’re an Empty-Nester with, yes, 30 ideas to read through, sparking interest in a variety of categories.

There are even clubs like the Tampa Empty Nester Mamas you can join. They meet up and plan activities to get you up and out and meeting others in the same phase of life. I needed moms’ groups when the kids were little, why not have one now! Bravo, Tampa Mamas!

If you go to the Pinterest site and type in “empty-nester ideas” you will find plenty of resources. There you can convert empty rooms in to “she sheds” and “man caves” with simple DIY hacks. Blogs on empty-nesting, trip ideas, and communication tips are among several articles you find there.

The Tampa Bay Area offers many boardwalks and beaches, shopping venues and restaurants, and all sorts of adventures to keep you entertained and busy! Concerts at the Straz, museums, a zoo, aquariums, and more are all available to peruse at your leisure.

With a little digging and some creativity, the world is your oyster in the beautiful city of Tampa, FL. This phase of life can be jarring in the beginning and feels a little hopeless at times. Knowing others have been where you are is half the battle. So, what are you waiting for? Get researching and get connected in sunny Tampa!