Merle Norman Cosmetics- Tried and True

Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio

As a client of Merle Norman since age 16, I feel I am an expert of sorts and I whole heartedly believe Merle Norman cosmetics are tried and true. First introduced to the cosmetic company as a young girl with perfect glowing skin, I have been through all the variations of the product line. In the 80s I used the oil-free skincare system for young skin. As the product developed and as I aged, I moved from the Merle Norman base line to the Luxiva products. Now, as a 50-year-old aging gracefully, I am using the anti-aging serums and creams. From skincare to make-up the time proven brand, Merle Norman, has cared for my face as we have aged together.

The Beginning

In the early 1900s, Merle Norman began with a background in medicine and chemistry. Armed with intelligence, lab technique and a desire to speak to the Hollywood Glam of the day, Merle developed her three steps to beauty. Today the cosmetic industry continues to hold to the three principles she held as the foundation to her company. A face mask called Miracol, Cleansing Cream face wash that moisturized as well, and a make-up called Powder Base Foundation.

Skin Care Today

Today’s aging woman is ever trying to reverse the aging process. Looking our sexiest at any age is all the rage. Merle Norman’s Anti-Aging line promises just that. With serums, sun protection and creams, the products give women the dewy glow of youthful skin. I wouldn’t go a day without.


On-trend make-up application and hues are what Merle Norman may be most well-known for. They claim to have captured a “Daydream in Color” in their new Springtime collection, and it is just that. Colors like Primrose and Sweet Blossom entice and encourage that youthful spring in your step. The color payoff in their new eye shadow palette is perfect for the all-natural with a hint of Spring look.

A personal make over by one of the knowledgeable and friendly staff with help women transition into that second stage of life glam. From matte eye shadow to decrease the look of fine lines, lip plumpers and wrinkle reducers, their tips are on point as well as current. If you are facing that time in life where your makeup and skin care routine needs a boost, I would highly recommend going to see your Merle Norman representative for a full make-over. You will love the attention and time you spend doing a little something for you! Then be sure to go out and celebrate your new-look!

2 thoughts on “Merle Norman Cosmetics- Tried and True

  1. I love Merle Norman and I too started at around 15 when my face began to break out. I have stayed with it forever ! I have hunts for studios as I moved through life and always been pleased with the kindness and expertise of the Cosmeticians as I purchased . I am now 78 and still happily using Merle Norman products!

    1. Collette,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I hate having to go outside Merle Norman, but they are hard to find these days. I made the mistake of trying the other brands and while it was fun, I am going back to MN. It lasts longer and is so good to my complexion!

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