Motherhood During a Pandemic Quarantine

What does motherhood look like during a global pandemic virus quarantine, like the current Covid 19 Corona virus? I did a bit of research, polled mommies, and here is what I came up with. The view I am seeing is one of faith, hope, love, exhaustion and a little craziness!

Mothers are a resilient bunch; not to exclude Daddies, they are simply not the focus of this piece! Moms have weathered wars, depressions, and even pandemics and yet their job essentially, stays the same. Mothers have a primal dedication to care for their young above all else, even their own well-being. During an event such as the Covid 19 virus quarantine, tensions run high and boredom sets in. Researching this question, I saw mommies responding in an inspiring way. They are getting creative, sharing with other moms, and practicing self-care like no other time!

Painting in the Backyard!

Moms Get Creative

Since the dawn of time, mothers have had to get creative with play and chores for kids. Chore charts and positive encouragement are a part of everyday survival. But during a “safer-at-home” time, the ideas can run low. Creativity heightens and mamas persist! Finger paints that might seem too messy for a normal day come out in new forms from paint to pudding and windows with shaving cream. Blow up pools beat the afternoon dull drums and tire them out before dinner. Dish soap bubbles are a new science lesson for the day and playdoh is a staple while Mom cooks dinner or folds the laundry. One of my favorites when my kids were little that is making a comeback is the art of the scavenger hunt. It consumes time and makes less mess than other activities.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sharing with other Mothers

The magic that is the internet has afforded mothers all over the world to collaborate ideas for quarantine sanity. Streaming painting parties is one activity the Spanish flu of 1918 did not enjoy. Social media gave the idea to stream musical concerts and show off our kids’ silly adventures. The sidewalk chalk challenge was a big deal in my neighborhood. I drew a hopscotch challenge and have been enjoying watching families return to it day after day. Even the zoo animal mommies are able to share their routines on animal webcam websites. Most importantly, mothers know they are not alone and can lean on one another even if through a blurb on their phones for support and camaraderie.

Practicing Self-Care

Possibly the most important of the changes I see in the way mothers are dealing with this crisis is in their level of self-care; not typical of most mothers of the past 10 years. Maintaining a good level of concern, and a healthy level of sanity is a challenge faced by all. These mothers are willing to reach out and encourage one another through social media and our precious phones. Suggestions I have seen put to action are “girls movie night with wine” after the kids are in bed, step outside for some sun on your face for ten minutes a day, and napping when the kids nap. Taking vitamins, using face masks and bath bombs and at least 20 minutes of a walk, yoga or some exercise are all great strategies used to calm the panic and chaos for the moment. I am actually rather proud of these mothers!

This crisis is no joke and is devastating to say the least. Yet, this piece has encouraged me. I know the healthcare workers, essential business, and first-responders all deserve the highest level of praise for the work they are doing to keep us all safe. Mommies, I stand up and applaud you for making this trying time a blessed time for your kids and your fellow moms. You deserve some praise too! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and breathe. This too will pass, but those kids won’t… for 18+ years! Happy parenting to you all.


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