2023: A Look Back on Motherhood During A Pandemic Quarantine

Though the pandemic quarantine has passed, many of the tough lessons and lifestyle changes have remained. This is especially true for the parents of the pandemic. Not to take the spotlight away from many other groups of people during the peak of the virus. Everyone around the world was impacted in one way or another. 

However, as a mother of adult children, my heart went out to the struggling parents who dedicated their time and energy to entertain their children with many limits, rules, and regulations. 

6 Lessons Mothers Learned from the Pandemic Quarantine

Mothers, fathers, and caregivers are a resilient bunch. For this blog post, I want to focus on who I relate to the most– Moms. 

Throughout history, moms have weathered wars, depressions, and even pandemics, yet their job essentially stays the same. They have a primal dedication to their young above all else, often over their well-being. During an event such as the COVID-19 virus quarantine, tensions run high, and boredom sets in. Having young children when all your go-to spots are shut down and schools are out for the year is a challenge like no other!

While the adjustment was chaotic, stressful, and frightening, I saw mommies responding in an inspiring way. They got creative and did what they had to do to make it through. 

Through speaking with mothers and doing a little research of my own, I found six general lessons caregivers learned from the adversity of the pandemic quarantine.

  1. Increased Resilience to Adversity
  2. Functional Flexibility and innovative Creativity
  3. Heightened Concern for Health
  4. More Quality Time with Loved Ones
  5. Prioritized Self-Care and Mental Well-Being
  6. Widened Perspective and Gratitude

1 | Increased Resilience to Adversity

If nothing at all, the pandemic taught mothers and all other caregivers how much resilience they have in them. It’s easy for moms, or humans for that matter, to doubt themselves and deem themselves incapable, even without the facts to prove it. 

After having no choice but to fight through the boredom, exhaustion, stress, and fear of the pandemic at its peak, mothers who haven’t yet had the opportunity to prove their strength and resilience finally had their moment.

My silly grandson with a paintbrush in his mouth when he painted outside during the pandemic quarantine

2 | Functional Flexibility and innovative Creativity

Alongside resilience is adaptability. Dedicated and driven mothers had to explore creative ways to keep their children occupied, fulfilled, and happy.

However, this has been true since the dawn of time. Yes– In the last couple of decades, parenting has lost some creativity and innovation because of technological advances, dependence on child care, and the internet. 

The pandemic was devastating, but I cannot deny that some good came from it. The difficult times and limited options led mothers to increase their flexibility and creativity to make it through. 

It took a quarantine for families to realize the joy in simple play and creativity born from boredom. I remember hearing about finger painting, drawing on windows with shaving cream, blow-up pools, Play-Doh, scavenger hunts, sidewalk chalk, and so much more!  For a while, I thought these traditional and timeless activities were finally on their way out as tablets, cell phones, and video games dominated.

A fun and creative sidewalk chalk hop-scotch I drew in front of my home to entertain the neighborhood kids during the pandemic quarantine

3 | Heightened Concern for Health

One impact that most of us are left with, whether or not we are a parent, is our attention to health. Mothers are far more cautious about encouraging their children to wash their hands, not share water bottles with friends, take sick days, and more.

The fear of COVID-19 drove mothers to pay closer attention to the well-being of their family members and loved ones, and some of the cautiousness and concern lingers three years later and likely will continue for some time.

4 | More Quality Time with Loved Ones

Quality time with family and loved ones has increased significantly! You’d think being cooped up indoors with the same few people for a few months would drive them to need space immediately after the quarantine order is lifted. 

Instead, mothers and other family members learned to value quality time with the ones they love. We may be settling back into regular life routines, but it is clear that many families have grown closer and cherish their time together more than ever before.

5 | Prioritized Self-Care and Mental Well-Being

Possibly the most significant change I see in the way mothers dealt with the crisis is in their level of self-care. Although it doesn’t apply to all, mothers tend to ignore their own health, well-being, and emotional needs and prioritize those of others, especially their kids. 

Maintaining a good level of concern and a healthy level of sanity is a challenge all face. I saw that mothers were willing to reach out and encourage one another through social media, a simple text, or late-night phone calls.

6 | Widened Perspective and Gratitude

I believe a lesson we all took from the pandemic was a widened perspective and unending gratitude. Like anyone else, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of envying what others have or judging those we know little about. 

COVID-19 taught mothers to appreciate what they have, from the five minutes of relaxation they can catch in a day to the unique and wonderful children they’ve watched grow. It also showed moms hundreds or thousands of perspectives and how and why an individual might have that particular view.



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