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Writing on the Road: Remote Content Creation at Its Best with Simply Sunni

There are so many remote careers these days. In fact, they are more relevant and essential than ever with the turn to AI and internet-based businesses. Fortunate to enjoy writing on the road or from my home office, the inspiration and creativity I glean from this flexibility is immeasurable. That is why, when I speak of my service areas to potential clients, I share that I am a remote content writer from Tampa.

No doubt, the Tampa Bay area is a creativity and business hotspot. From the water to the downtown, there are opportunities galore! I truly love my city and being surrounded by such valuable art, history, and entertainment. But there is something you may not know about Simply Sunni.

We are a team of writers, designers, and creators. My Simply Sunni team is located in multiple cities. So, no matter where you are located, this team is ready to go the distance to fulfill the vision you have for digital marketing.

Here is one example of the way we can meet your company’s online presence needs.

 As I questioned an accountant about the pages he would need for his accounting site, the conversation went something like this…

Sunni –What is the voice you would like me to portray for you through my writing. Do you want the writing to be technical and to the point or would you like some humor placed here and there to lighten up the subject of accounting?”

Client –“Well, I am a fun-loving guy in my free time. But I just don’t see how you can make accounting humorous.”


Remember, this is MY JOB! That is why you pay our team to write your pages. We not only aim to get valuable information out there for your prospects, but we want to convey who you are as a business owner. If you are a fun-loving person, a certain clientele will resonate with that side of you. Likewise, when you are in a profession that requires technical writing only, that is my job, too.

Now, here is a bonus when you are working with my team on content.

I am a remote writer working in many service areas. Yes, I live in Tampa, Florida. However, my children are grown, and my husband travels in his career. So, guess what? I get to travel with him now.

Why does that matter to you?

Now we’re talking! You see, since I am able to work when I want, wherever I want… I also am extremely blessed to have the chance to write when I am inspired. Another thing to know about my spouse’s career is that it is a business that is 24/7. In fact, he works 7 days a week. (Not that I love that part.) The good news is I can keep myself busy any time I want.

If there is a beautiful sunset over the lake… I may be inspired to write.

When I have just exited the streets of the hustle and bustle big city… I may be creatively inspired.

And when I am exhausted from a long day of travel, again… I love to curl up with my computer and reflect.

All this means I am continually at the top of my “creative” game!

So, no matter the location, where I am writing, or what time the clock says when I write… I promise to do my best for the writing style you want and to convert “looky loos” to loyal clients for your business.

Contact me today to talk about where we can take your company through creative content writing, social media posts, ghostwriting, and more – by Simply Sunni.