Sunscreen, Sand and Salt Air…

My Happy Place

Is There Any Place Better Than Clearwater Beach?

The air I breathe when stepping on the beach is like a salve for my soul! Instantly, I drift into an entranced state of delight. The steel drum music floats by my ears to my delight. Filling my lungs with the scent of salt air, sand, and coconut sunscreen carries me away to another time when days were simpler and times were happier.

So I ask you, is there any place better than Clearwater Beach?

Miles and miles of white shimmering sand line the coast with relaxation and laughter. The gentle waves lap the shore as if wanting to join all the sunbathers in their day of fun.

The sun warms my skin and heals me from within.
I stop to breathe it all in.
This is my home, my happy place, my healing place.

Again I ask, is there any better place than Clearwater Beach?

Assembled on the sand are groups of families and friends. I notice some laying still absorbing the sun’s healing rays. Others are laughing and talking, happy to be taking a well-deserved break from the norms of life.

Children, oh the children! They are playing, running, and jumping, building sandcastles, and chasing waves. They are filled with joy and hope. My heart is blessed to see the child exhausted from the day and resting soundly on a parent’s shoulder. After all, they have spent a day on Clearwater Beach.

orange parasol
Clearwater Beach

Walking out onto the warm sand, I sink my toes in and cherish the moment. I won’t waste a single moment of this bliss. A deep breath later, I am on my way to the shore’s edge. Sunscreen on, a chair placed, my towel down and water in my hand, I walk, taking it all in. This is my routine.

A saying native Clearwater folks have is “it never rains on Clearwater Beach.” I chuckle as rain clouds roll in and the visitors run for shelter. Those of us who know will see the short shower through and watch the sun come right back out. It always does.

The sun is faithful to rise and fall in a brilliant display as if painted anew each day.

And again I ask you, is there any place better than MY beach, Clearwater Beach?


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