That Date Night Look

Don’t Forget These 5 Tips When Creating that Alluring Look

Date night? Ladies night out? What are you waiting for! Let’s create that sexy look that says you own the room. For girl power confidence, follow these 5 must-do makeup tips.

Tip One:

Start with contouring the cheeks. Using a rich color a shade or two darker than your skin will add a natural hollowed out look. Place a little color to match the hues of your killer outfit to the apple of your cheek. Then right under the eye on the top of the cheek bone, add a frosty highlighter. Now you have cheek bones for days!

Tip Two:

Nobody goes wrong with a smokey eye! For eyes that demand attention, keep it simple and dark. Too much color will take away from the appeal. A light and creamy base color, a darker crease contour color and a “darkest” liner and corner highlight will draw them right into those eyes and captivate.

Tip Three:

Lashes, ladies! Long lashes add so much to an attractive and powerful look. If you were not blessed with long doe-eyed lashes, then invest in some. Plenty of options from falsie mascara, and false lashes to lash extensions are readily available today.

Tip Four:

That “pouty” look is another you were blessed with, or not so much. Lighter lip colors make the lips look brighter and larger, but dark red and burgundy draw attention. Use your judgment and match your clothes. Then, use a lip plumper. Several brands work well; see which you can tolerate! Your pout will thank you.

Tip Five:

It’s all about the attitude! Throw your shoulders back, chin up, and walk like you mean it. Confidence carries enormous value when entering a room. Make that first impression one of control and excitement. You won’t regret it when you take the room by storm!

More than any of these tips, have a good time! As women, we are lucky to be able to create so many looks for ourselves and our attitude of the day. Take full advantage of it! Until then… You go girl!

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