The Art of People Watching

Ebook on a desk- The Art of People Watching By Sunni Baerwalde surrounded by succulents on a wood background

Exercise Your Mind and Heart Through Observation

On this journey to create joy and beauty for others, there are a ton of exciting things I want to learn. I think most of my readers would agree. There are courses offered for free, paid programs, boot camps, seminars, and so much more. It is simply overwhelming at times.

All that to say, when I want inspiration from my heart and soul, I often find myself sitting in a park, taking all the sights and sounds in, breathing them in, and taking them all to heart. Being outside is life for this Tampa, Florida girl. That is where the idea for this very short story came from. (I stress, very short!) 

With all the learning I absorb daily, it was nice to unplug from technology and write for a few minutes. Then I could put the new skills I have learned into practice, set up my AmazonKDP account, and publish this book!

The Art of People-Watching

Exercise Your Mind and Heart Through Observation

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Join me in celebrating the accomplishment of one more of my goals! And be sure to let me know in the comments if you have learned something new and put it into practice. It is essential that we creators support one another with inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Much love to my community,

Simply Me- Sunni