Baby Bird

"Mama Woodpecker, I See You. One Mama to another, I see You."

From this mother woodpecker’s perspective, the hatching of each egg is an incredible blend of relief and love.

Let’s think like a mama bird for a moment. She’s tirelessly drilled that hole in the tree for her nest and kept the eggs warm, and now her baby is on the cusp of entering the world.

The journey is long, but this first step is a miraculous one, a promise of adventures and challenges to come, all under the persevering, loving eye of Mama Bird.

Simply Sunni

You may ask why I tell this story of a baby bird hatching. I know it is an everyday occurrence, part of nature, and just what happens… in the eyes of some. But to me, it is an entire event to contemplate, digging deep to grasp.

Hungry Baby Bird I am bothered as I sit here on my rest and healing venture. No, I am annoyed. No, I am despondent and want to help. You see, there is a baby bird in a tree screeching and screeching, crying and crying for  Mama Bird.

Simply Sunni

Until the day she comes back… I will gather sticks for her nest; I will pick berries and insects for her to eat. I will make a storehouse that says… I love you… …and I accept you.

Simply Sunni

Simply Sunni

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