Who Cares About Papillons?

A True Story of a Papillon Conversion

This is a true story of a papillon conversion. And, who cares about papillons? Well, let me tell you! Since the day we met, my husband has always claimed he never wanted a small dog, especially not the toy size. Celebrities like Paris Hilton with her tiny dog and the movie Legally Blonde ruined that for me, although I thought they were precious. He saw it as a wealth luxury and a “girl thing”. Today, I am here to tell you he is a changed man and a believer in the papillon breed. The papillon breed is a superior companion dog for the most feminine to the most masculine in all of us. Here is why…

Papillon Facts

Let’s start with the facts. Papillons are beautiful with their long coats and flowing butterfly-like ears. As a member of the “toy group”, they stand 8 – 11 inches in height and weigh 5-10 lbs on average. These lovable pups are friendly, alert, and happy. Paps are in the top 10 breeds for intelligence which lends to their curiosity, athleticism and their desire to please. They are outgoing and loyal as well. Their size and demeanor make them the perfect little buddy that is easy to bring along just about anywhere.

Papillon Health

The Papillon’s life expectancy is around 11 to 16 years; they are a hardy breed. With few health concerns, care for your pet is fairly easy. Because of their size, paps do need to be watched when young. They do not know their size and will jump off a chair or rough house with a child or another pet and get injured. But in general, they are agile and tough.

Papillon Care

This may be one of the concerns my husband had when considering a small pet; he is not exactly the fussy type! Papillons are quite simple to care for; and it’s a pleasure to do so. They only need to be bathed every other month or so and brushed once or twice a week to avoid matting, as they have no undercoat needing removing. The teeth are the biggest concern and should be brushed often. Trim their nails and they are good to go! And, go they will! These little dogs will walk for a brisk 30 minutes as often as you will walk them. Being as friendly as they are, Paps will “talk” to anyone they meet, making it a pleasure to show them off. Let’s face it, everyone wants to pet these gorgeous little ones.

Why Papillons?

As I stated earlier, this was a hard sell for my spouse. Luckily for me, my doctor told me I needed a small lap dog as I was entering the “empty nest” time of my life, as I had been a stay at home mother of 4 kids for 26 years; the deficit would be too great. Reluctantly, he agreed to a puppy we could fully raise. Receiving her at 10 weeks, she captured our hearts and all our time until she grew a bit. During that bonding experience, my husband learned how intelligent she was and as he researched, he grew to respect the breed. Her vulnerability in the first few months drew his heart in and stole it completely. The most interesting fact, and I believe, most valuable, is their need for attention. The papillon will stay by your side at all times, following your every move. Yet, (the best part) they are independent players as well as interactive partners. My little girl will lay with me for several ball tosses and then take her ball, retreat to a pillow or rug right near me and entertain herself. She likes her alone time as well as her lap time. That on its own, makes her the perfect pup for us.

Papillons are a fantastic, loving and intelligent companion pet for anyone with the time to put into a small breed. Care is minimal and they hardly eat a thing! With some time on the front end, this breed will live a long life of playful beauty right by your side; husband approved!


We were not moving without her!