Does Erasing the Message Erase the Love?

A Silly Motherhood Question

To make any sense out of the title of this post, I will need to give you some background information.

Background Information

My name is Sunni, and I am a mother of 4 adult children, mother-in-law to 3, and Gigi to one grandson and a granddaughter on the way. Our home has no shortage of love. However, I cling to every morsel that falls from their mouths (or markers in this case).

The Story

As I came in the front door from being away with my husband for our 29th anniversary weekend at the lake, my daughter had just walked. She was on her way to her own vacation.

As you can see, she left a sweet note on my calendar. 

Now, for those who crave calendars and order, do not be worried. There were only 2 days left in the month, so Shelby’s drawing didn’t interfere with my planning! (haha!)

The Problem

Getting back to my original question… does erasing the message erase the love? I know that is a silly question, but I truly found myself pondering that very thing. (Told you I hang on.) So here is what went on in my crazy head on July 1st…

  1. Can I erase it?
  2. Will it hurt her feelings?
  3. Does she know how much it means?
  4. Does she know how much I cherish her?
  5. Do ALL my kids know how much I cherish them?
  6. Do my kids-in-law know how much I love them?
  7. What about my precious grandson? Will he always know?
  8. Should I just forget about the rest of the months?
  9. Will July have its feelings hurt?
  10. Will it stay hot forever if I stay in June?
  11. Okay, tell her now you love the drawing.
  12. Did I show my husband?
  13. Can I show him again? I will anyhow.

And so on and so on… in typical mom brain fashion. 

The Conclusion

My decision was just this… take a picture and write about it, then call Shelby. So, here I am at my computer again, rambling about my “mom brain” and all the silly things that flood it.

I hope you laughed and maybe even identified… or else I may be certifiably silly. The world may never know!


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