Grandson, Thank You for Distracting Me!

Pandemic, Financial Distress, Job Searching, Stay Safe, and Stay Home… Grandson!

We are in a global pandemic. Did you hear me? The first in 100 years; there is so much to be sad about. Celebrities are pouring their art and souls (see what I did there?) into videos to distract us from the impending doom the news informs us of every day. Yet, there is one thing that will turn my day around no matter the circumstance. If I am struggling with the pandemic, quarantine, finances, or job searching, there is my Grandson. He takes it all away and brightens my day.

A Pandemic saddens me.

Well, who isn’t affected? Countless hours are spent by people watching the news just to get a glimpse of what is happening and an ounce of hope for healing. This is unprecedented and no one was ready for it. The fear of losing someone we love grips our hearts and causes panic. Masks and shutdowns alter our lifestyles. But, one constant remains… Grandson.

Financial Distress due to Corona is so sad.

Covid-19 has left countless families financially struggling. My family is in the industry most hard hit, the hotel industry. No travel equals no income. How do I feed our household? How do I give to my church? What happens if one of my kids or siblings need money? How do I help after being a mother of 4 for twenty-six years? At that moment of crisis, my phone rings and it’s… Grandson.

Job Searching is sad.

Digging and digging for purpose and fulfillment, I reach a point of decision. The road ahead is full of learning. Going back to school is nothing I ever thought about at age 50. The prospect is exciting, and the pay will help my family. Overwhelming fears capture me as self-doubt creeps in. I love to write. I am good at it. Self-encouragement becomes a daily necessity and then… Grandson.

Quarantine: “Stay Safe, Stay Home” is sad.

We were not created to stay in four walls! People are craving socialization and community. Churches and restaurants are closed, even parks and beaches are closed. So, we stay inside and “zoom” or binge. Life is a creative assignment asking humans to come up with new ways to communicate. At my most lonely moment, there is facetime and… Grandson.

My Grandson is NOT sad!


If you haven’t gotten it by now, my Grandson is the light of my life. When he calls me, I instantly grin. When he facetimes me, I don’t feel alone. When he laughs, the sound chases all my fears away. The sheer joy in his voice brings comfort and gives me a reason to be happy. Virus or no virus, financial woes or prosperity, job or no job, stay home or go out; my grandson takes away the sadness in an instant. When I am asked my favorite distraction when life gets me down, I say… my GRANDSON.

-Simply Sunni

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