How to Empty-Nest Like a Boss

Take on the Empty Nest with a Renewed Sense of Passion #LikeaBoss

I feel the best way to empty-nest is “like a boss”, wouldn’t you agree? Rap artist Slim Thug recorded a track in 2005 called “Like a Boss.” The song listed, in a call and response style, things he would do throughout his day, like a boss. In 2009, comedian Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island parodied their own version of the song and debuted it on SNL. From there, the phrase became a popular saying with kids and adults alike. My kids yelled that very statement to me from down the hall all the time.

That said, I have made a list of some of the various ways to keep positive like reaching out, getting busy, reviving romance, serving others, and self-care. My goal is to help as many as I can enter into this next phase in life without the depression so often accompanying the empty nest.

Reach Out – Like a Boss

The first and foremost concept to realize is you are not alone. There are so many parents entering and thriving in the empty nest phase. Staying in touch with others with similar lifestyles will encourage you to get out and be active in the community.

Reaching out to your family members can be another blessing. For years, I didn’t have the time to pay as much attention to my siblings and their kids. Now I am making it a point to be at all of their birthday parties and life events. That is the beauty of this time!

Reaching out to your kids is a tricky one. Most want you to reach out occasionally to let them know how you are, what is going on with the family, and when they are “expected” home next. However, smothering and giving unwanted advice should be avoided at all costs. This is what you spent all those years preparing them for; let them sink or swim. As long as you are keeping informed, they will let you know if they need help.

Get Busy – Like a Boss

The temptation to binge-watch shows and catch up on social media is real, ya’ll! My advice is to allow some leisure time, but then, get busy! Active lifestyles are so popular these days, you will be in fashion. Joining groups and clubs can be a fun way to use the time you never thought you would have. Renew your mind with a book club. Join a wine club to learn all about the different wines and vineyards of the world. Gain creativity with a craft gathering. Enjoy a new level of fitness with a walking or biking group. Join a new church or bible study to renew your spirit. Whatever hobbies, passions, and challenging activities may be attractive to you, take a leap of faith and get busy… like a boss.

Revive Romance – Like a Boss

Quite possibly the most rewarding activity is the renewal of romance in the empty nest. Here are some ideas, besides the obvious, to spark creativity in your relationship.

  • Take dance lessons.
  • Go for long walks or bike rides.
  • Make a travel plan.
  • Learn new games.
  • Re-institute Date Night and get dressed up!
  • Introduce each other to something new to try.
  • Explore nature and get outside more.

There are so many ideas, just use your imagination and do some research. The internet is booming with suggestions just waiting for you to jump on.

Serve Others – Like A Boss

When focused on others, we tend to not think about ourselves as much. Community service is a fantastic way to bless someone else as you give to yourself. The list of volunteer jobs is extensive and easily accessed. You know what they are: food banks, soup kitchens, churches, crisis centers, beach and park clean-ups, animal shelters, and so much more. “Give and it will come back to you.”

Self Care – Like a Boss

If you are anything like me, I put myself on the back burner for too many years. Being behind on medical care, dental care, and mental and spiritual care does no one any good. I can see that clearly now, where I could not when the kids’ needs were so overwhelming. Take time now to get on a regular schedule of care for you and for those you love. Not only doctor appointments, but scheduling time for vacations and rest is imperative to your mental health. Get out the old calendar and look at the year. Schedule so you will not put it off.

Again, Like A Boss!

Self-care, serving others, reviving romance, reaching out, and getting busy are all great ways to create new habits and renew old connections. If you don’t stay positive, none of them will work. My suggestion here is to practice gratitude every day, journal, and laugh some, too. The empty nest will soon transition into the comfy nest or whatever you make it! Remember, it’s your time now; make it all you want it to be!


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  1. Wonderfully written! I remember when my kids left the nest and it was very sad for me. It felt like I was losing my babies. I know I wasn’t really losing them, but it felt like it. Thank you for posting this!

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