How Can I Learn a New Skill When my Brain is Supersaturated?

Taking Classes in my Empty Nest

How can I learn a new skill when my brain is supersaturated? I suppose I should explain what I mean here! When my 4 children were ages 1, 3, 5 and 7 my sweet Mama used to tell me my brain was supersaturated. She likened my ability to hold information to that of a sponge. She said my brain was saturated with diapers, feeding times, meal plans, doctor’s appointments… you get the drift. My supersaturated brain simply released information that was not important to hold on to. (That was so nice of her, wasn’t it? Ha!)

When joking with my now-adult kids, I call brain power my “smarticles”. I admit I get tripped up on words more than ever now. I forget others’ names and call my own kids by the wrong names (never my grandson, though). I tell them I lost all my smarticles a long time ago. But is it really true? Am I somehow diminished in my capacity to learn?

Mind Over Matter

I am currently taking classes in my empty nest and loving it! Do I have any brain cells left after raising four kids, I doubt it? But I suppose I am going to find out. I have decided to “mind over matter” whatever subject I want to learn.

Honestly, it seems much like riding a bike. You never truly forget how to learn. Reading turns to note taking and note taking turns to study, etc.

Enjoying each moment I study, I am excited about the information I am learning. I look forward to it every day. Upon arriving home from work, my husband is barraged with my wealth of new skills, like it or not.

Supersaturated or squeezed out and ready to hold more, I am excited about this phase of my empty nest life. I am taking classes in my empty nest and using the things I learn to create a whole new path for my life.

If you are empty nesting, I invite you to join me in my quest for knowledge and re-saturation!